Jeff was able to connect very quickly with my situation and the person at hand. He described him to a T and was able to provide me with a time frame and future info that confirmed what I was feeling all along. He is very humble and down to earth and he was very funny. Thank you so much Jeff! I'll definitely be calling you back WHEN your predictions come true! :)

Would you consult with this advisor again, if you have a need?: Definitely​

​Susiemarie  June 9, 2016.


​​I called Jeff Mcbride for the first time to inquire about his service. He VERY ACCURATELY described a number of ailments that I was facing as well as the cause of my friends passing. I hadnt made an appointment yet and on the spot, he was already in contact with my friend who passed away few weeks ago. He doesnt require a long waiting period before contacting a loved one after their passing as other psychics. He was EXTREMELY generous, authentic, & adept. CALL HIM & you wont be disappointed! :)

posted on Dec 22, 2015 by Khaled Steven

 ​Jeff McBride

Psychic Medium, Reiki Master

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